Guidelines & Procedures

The slate of candidates for next year's elections will be posted in late fall, with online voting for current RMMLA members available through December 31. BECOME INVOLVED - RUN FOR A SEAT ON YOUR RMMLA EXECUTIVE BOARD!

Nominations are taken through November 1; self-nominations are accepted.
Each year the RMMLA conducts elections for three positions on its Executive Board: a Vice President, a Faculty Delegate, and a Graduate Student Delegate. In alternating years, the Vice President and the two Delegates are chosen from an English/Technical and Professional Writing-related field or from a non-English/Technical and Professional Writing-related field (any foreign language(s), film/cultural studies, critical theory, distance education, etc.).
Any current member of RMMLA may nominate himself/herself OR another member.
In Fall 2018, RMMLA members will vote for the following new officers:

  • Vice President in 2022 (who will serve as President in 2023 and Past President in 2024). This person must be from a field other than English/Technical and Professional Writing-related field.
  • Delegate at Large (3-year term, 2022-2024). This person must be from an English/Technical and Professional Writing-related field.
  • Graduate Student Delegate (2-year term, 2022-2023). This person must be from a field other than English/Technical and Professional Writing-related field.
NB: Service is based on the calendar year.
We encourage all RMMLA members in good standing to nominate themselves or others for positions on the Board. The RMMLA is a wonderful organization that is very receptive to its members’ needs. Those who have served on the Board have found it a very rewarding experience to have input into shaping the future direction of our regional professional organization.
The nomination deadline is NOVEMBER 1; self-nominations are accepted. Email [email protected] for more information or to nominate someone or yourself. By that same date, nominees must provide the following:
  • a short professional biographical statement, including, if they wish, any recent publications, board experience, etc.; and
  • a short statement as to why they wish to serve on the RMMLA Executive Board, what they feel they can bring to the board, and what they may wish to accomplish.

These statements will be posted to the RMMLA Web site.
Service on the Executive Board entails attendance at two meetings per year, one in the spring (at the site of the RMMLA Secretariat or at a future convention site) and the other at the fall convention site. The date for the spring meeting is set soon after the election results are in. Candidates must have a personal or institutional commitment of funding for travel to the two board meetings. Board members receive a $1,000 stipend per year ($500 per meeting) from RMMLA to help defray the cost of travel to these meetings. All board members pay normal membership dues and convention registration fees, however, the convention registration fee is waived for the Graduate Student Delegates.
Members of the Executive Board consider and vote on such issues as new Special Topic Session proposals, changes in procedures, selection of recipients of RMMLA awards, convention sites, membership services, the annual calendar and budget, fund-raising ideas, dues schedule, etc.
In the fall, the Executive Board gathers all nominations and prepares a slate of candidates based on historical and recent involvement in RMMLA, geographical, gender, and area of study factors. The slate of candidates is then presented to the membership on this site, at the convention, and in the newsletter. Members have until December 31 to vote on the RMMLA Web site. Ballots are counted on January 1 and everyone notified soon thereafter.

2022 Executive Board Slate