General Convention Guidelines


  • RMMLA is an organization for its members.
  • Membership in RMMLA is for the calendar year.
  • All Session Chairs at the convention must be current in their MEMBERSHIP DUES by November 1 to be listed in the Call for Papers for the following year's convention.
  • All presenters must be current in dues by April 1 of the convention year to be listed in the program. If dues are not paid by this date, that person’s name will not be able to be listed in the program. If dues are made current, and a slot remains in the session, however, that member’s name will be reinstated in the program.
  • Dues are paid online using a check or credit card.
  • Interested faculty, students, or others who are not presenting or participating in the convention may attend the convention without paying membership dues.

Convention Registration for Chairs, Presenters, Discussants and Respondents

  • All whose name appears on the program -- chairs, presenters, discussants, and respondents -- must pay the applicable CONVENTION REGISTRATION FEE. Payment of this fee includes a program, access to all regular and special topic sessions, and a ticket to the opening night reception. Refunds or reduced rates are not given for unused reception or luncheon tickets. 
  • Each attendee receives a badge, which should be worn throughout the convention. The facilities and services of the convention are available only to attendees.
  • Certain special workshops may require an additional fee.
  • The Executive Board reserves the right to deny future participation in the convention to any chair or presenter who does not pay the registration fee or who does not follow guidelines and procedures.
  • Requests for refunds of convention registration fees must be made in writing to the Secretariat and must be postmarked no later than September 1. A $25 service fee is deducted from all refunds. No refunds are given after this date.
  • Each year, the Executive Board authorizes a limited number of dues and/or convention fee waivers for special guest speakers/respondents/discussants in a regular or special topic session. Those who are eligible to receive such funds include distinguished persons in fields represented by the RMMLA, creative writers who do not have academic positions, scholars who reside outside the United States and Canada, and RMMLA honorary members and fellows. Such speakers would only be required to purchase a banquet ticket if they wish to attend this function. Session chairs who wish to invite such a guest speaker should contact the Executive Director no later than March 1, specifying the speaker’s discipline or profession, as well as a statement explaining how the speaker would enrich the program. Please note that waived non-members may not organize or chair a session.

Convention Registration for NON-Presenters
  • Administrators, faculty, and students from the Local Host institution(s) and the local host community who are NOT chairing or presenting at the convention may attend sessions and non-fee activities without paying the convention registration fee or membership dues. They will receive a free program and a convention badge at the registration table upon presentation of a school ID or a RMMLA Free Pass. Tickets for receptions and other meal functions may be available for purchase at the registration table (subject to availability).
  • Administrators, faculty and students from institutions other than the host institution(s) who are NOT chairing or presenting at the convention may choose to pay either the full convention registration fee with all privileges (see above) or a weekend registration fee of $25 (payable at the registration table). The weekend rate includes ONLY a program and admission to sessions and non-fee activities for that day, no meal functions. Tickets for receptions and other meal functions may be available for purchase at the registration table.
  • Family members who wish to attend only the session in which their relative is presenting may attend that particular session free of charge, but are asked to come to the registration desk to get a badge.