RMMLA Executive Board 2019


Pictured left to right front row: Haiyan Xie, Amalia Garzon, Cassandra Bishop, Joy Landeira, Cynthia Melendrez;
back row: Joseph Donica, Christopher Lupke, Mali Subbiah, and Lucien Meadows.


President: Mali Subbiah, Weber State University (pictured below)

portrait image of Mali Subbiah

Vice President: Cynthia Melendrez, California State University - San Marcos

Past President: Christopher Lupke, University of Alberta

Delegate: Amalia Garzon, Northern Arizona University (pictured below)

Amalia Garzon

Delegate: Joseph Donica, Bronx Community College

Delegate: Cassandra Bishop, University of Nevada, Reno

Graduate Student Delegate: Lucien Durjeun Meadows, University of Denver (pictured below)

Lucien Darjuen Meadows

Graduate Student Delegate: Haiyan Xie, University of Alberta


RMMLA Executive Staff at the Universities of Wyoming and Northern Colorado:

Executive Director and Managing Editor: Joy Landeira, University of Wyoming

Senior Editor: José Suárez, University of Northern Colorado

Copy Editor: Mollie Hand, University of Wyoming

Administrative Assistant: Richard Proctor, University of Northern Colorado

RMMLA 2016 Executive Board
from left: Faculty Delegate Lunden MacDonald, Graduate Delegate Rachel Spaulding, Graduate Delegate Cassandra Bishop, Faculty Delegate Marla Arbach, Executive Director Joy Landeira, President Albrecht Classen, RMR Editor José Suárez, and Faculty Delegate Alan Blackstock