Editors of the Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature:
1947 G.W. Arms  University of New Mexico
1948 William B. Albrecht  University of New Mexico
1951 Ernest W. Tedlock  University of New Mexico
1953 Donald A. McKenzie  University of New Mexico
1955 Joseph M. Kuntz  University of New Mexico
1957 John Williams  University of Denver
1959 Charles H. Kegel  Idaho State College
1960 Walter Edens  University of Wyoming
1961 Austin Fife  Utah State University
1962 Gerald W. Chapman  University of Denver
1963 Wilson Baroody  Arizona State University
1964 Paul T. Bryant  Colorado State University
1965 Richard J. Cummings  University of Utah
1966 Henry Pettit  University of Colorado, Boulder
1969 Edward P. Nolan  University of Colorado, Boulder
1970 James K. Folsom  University of Colorado, Boulder
1974 Franklin Fisher  University of Utah
1978 Don L.F. Nilsen  Arizona State University
1980 David William Foster  Arizona State University
1984 Carol A Martin  Boise State University
1994 Jan Widmayer  Boise State University
1998 Michael Delahoyde, Rachel Halverson, & Ana Maria Rodriguez-Vivaldi  Washington State University
2000 Michael Delahoyde & Birgitta Ingemanson    Washington State University
2002 Michael Delahoyde & Sabine Davis  Washington State University
2010 Michael Delahoyde & Cassandra Gulam  Washington State University
2012 José Suárez & Cassandra Gulam Washington State University
2014 José Suárez, Joy Landeira, Marcus Embry, & Lorie Sauble-Otto  University of Northern Colorado

Executive Directors of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association:

1948     Marjorie M. Kimmerle          University of Colorado
1950  Ruth Hudson  University of Wyoming
1952  Etholine Aycock  Colorado A&M
1953  John M. Sharp  Texas Western College,  El Paso
1954  Martin Candelaria  Colorado State College of Education
1955  Ann Lorhi  New Mexico Highlands University
1957  Edith Buchanan  University of New Mexico
1958  John E. McKendrick  Brigham Young University
1959  W.F. Jacob  Idaho State University
1960  Leedice Kissane  Idaho State University
1961  Glyn N. Thomas  (Affiliation not known)
1962  T.Y. Booth  Utah State University
1963  Arthur L. Campa  University of Denver
1964  Herbert Van Scoy  Arizona State University
1965  George R. McMurray  Colorado State University
1966  James Fife  University of Utah
1967  Henry Petit  University of Colorado, Boulder
1970  Edward Nolan  University of Colorado, Boulder
1971  James K. Folsom  University of Colorado, Boulder
1975  Joel Hancock  University of Utah
1979  Ingeborg Carlson  Arizona State University
1984  Charles G. Davis  Boise State University
1998  Joan Grenier-Winther  Washington State University
2012  Joy Landeira  University of Northern Colorado

Presidents of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association:
(Three-year term, first as Vice President, then President, finally as Past President)

1946-1948     T.M. Pearce and F.M. Kercheville  University of New Mexico (Co-Presidents)
1947-1949  Levette J. Davidson  University of Denver
1948-1950  Edward F. Chapman  University of Utah
1949-1951  Adolphe Dickman  University of Wyoming
1950-1952  Stuart Cuthbertson  University of Colorado,  Boulder
1951-1953  Alfred Westfall  Colorado A&M College
1952-1954  Edgar T. Ruff  Texas Western College, El Paso
1953-1955  Tom Burnham  Colorado State College of Education
1954-1956  Quincy Guy Burris  New Mexico Highlands University
1955-1957  Veder M. Gilbert  Montana State University
1956-1958  Raymond R. MacCurdy  University of New Mexico
1957-1959  Edward L. Hart  Brigham Young University
1958-1960  Marjorie M. Kimmerle  University of Colorado, Boulder
1959-1961  W.F. Jacob  Idaho State College
1960-1962  Laurence L. Smith  University of Wyoming
1961-1963  King Hendricks  Utah State University
1962-1964  Harold M. Priest  University of Denver
1963-1965  Collice Portnoff  Arizona State University
1964-1966  Wilson E. Wilmarth  Colorado State University
1965-1967  Clarice Short  University of Utah
1966-1968  George Arms and Robert M. Duncan     University of New Mexico (Co-Presidents)
1967-1969  Colonel Jesse C. Gatlin  United States Air Force Academy
1968-1970  R. Max Rogers  Brigham Young University
1969-1971  David Stewart  Idaho State University
1970-1972  Laurence Muir  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1971-1973  A. Wilbur Stevens  Prescott College
1972-1974  Haldeen Braddy  University of Texas at El Paso
1973-1975  Richard J. Cummings  University of Utah
1974-1976  Martha Scott Trimble  Colorado State University
1975-1977  Jack E. Tomlins  University of New Mexico
1976-1978  Mary Elizabeth Green  Arizona State University
1977-1979 William W. Moseley  Colorado State University
1978-1980 Sophia S. Morgan  University of Colorado
1979-1981  George F. Peters  University of New Mexico
1980-1982  Mimi R. Gladstein  University of Texas at El Paso
1981-1983  James P. Gilroy  University of Denver
1982-1984  Charles G. Davis  Boise State University
1983-1985  Victor Castellani  University of Denver
1994-1986  Helon Raines  Casper College
1985-1987  Ted Lyon  Brigham Young University
1986-1988  David Leon Higdon  Texas Tech University
1987-1989  Joel Hancock  University of Utah
1988-1990  Susan McLeod  Washington State University
1989-1991  Theodore Cachey  Jr. Arizona State University
1990-1992  Sherry Burgus Little  San Diego State University
1991-1993  Walter Putnam  University of New Mexico
1992-1994  Elizabeth Holtze  Metropolitan State College of Denver
1993-1995  Barbara Lafford  Arizona State University
1994-1996  Evelyn Gajowski  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1995-1997  Monica S. Cyrino  University of New Mexico
1996-1998  Stacy Burton  University of Nevada,  Reno
1997-1999  Florence Moorhead-Rosenberg  Boise State University
1998-2000  John Loftis  University of Northern Colorado
1999-2001  Starr Ackley  Albertson College of Idaho
2000-2002  Judy Elsley  Weber State University
2001-2003  Albrecht Classen  University of Arizona
2002-2004  Sura Rath  Louisiana State University, Shreveport
2003-2005  Elizabeth Ametsbichler  University of Montana
2004-2006  Catherine Kunce  University of Colorado, Boulder
2005-2007  Jennifer Michaels  Grinnell College
2006-2008  Liahna Armstrong  Central Washington University
2007-2009  Albrecht Classen  University of Arizona
2008-2010  Sura Rath  Central Washington University
2009-2011  José Suarez  University of Northern Colorado
2010-2012  Joyce Adams  Brigham Young University
2011-2013  Albrecht Classen  University of Arizona
2012-2014  Maria Mikolchak  St. Cloud State University
2013-2015  Eduardo Caro  Arizona State University
2014-2016  Tara Powell  University of South Carolina
2015-2017 Albrecht Classen University of Arizona
2016-2018 Alan Johnson Idaho State University
2017-2019 Christopher Lupke University of Alberta

Delegates-at-Large of the RMMLA Executive Board:

1966 George W. Arms
Robert M. Duncan
Collice H. Portnoff
Harold M. Priest
Clarice Short
Wilson E. Wilmarth
University of New Mexico; 
University of New Mexico;
Arizona State University;
Univesity of Denver;
University of Utah;
Colorado State University
1969-71     Charles E. Africa Jr.  Idaho State University
1969-72  A. Wilbur Steven  Prescott College
1970-72  Robert Hebling  University of Utah
1970-72  Raymond R. MacCurdy  Jr. University of New Mexico
1972-74  Dolores Brown  University of Arizona
1973-75  Eugene J. Fox  Eastern New Mexico University
1974-76  Marie-France Hilgar  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1975-77  Frances Hernandes University of Texas at El Paso
1976-78  Jerry L. Benbow  Utah State University
1977-79  Carol A Martin  Boise State University
1978-80  Wolff von Schmidt  University of Utah
1978-80  Sigrid Mayer  University of Wyoming
1979-81  Janice Harris  University of Wyoming
1980-82  Sigrid Mayer  University of Wyoming
1981-83  Philip Gallagher  University of Texas at El Paso
1982-84  Tamara Holzapfel  University of New Mexico
1983-85  Eugene Cunnar  New Mexico State University
1984-86  Lee Dowling  University of Houston
1985-87  Lois Marchino  University of Texas at El Paso
1986-88  Marie-France Hilgar  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1987-89  John Simmons  Colorado College
1988-90  Ginette Adamson  Wichita State University
1989-91  Barbara Olds  Colorado School of Mines
1990-92  Wolff von Schmidt  University of Utah
1991-93  Neila C. Seshachari  Weber State University
1992-94  Arthur B. Coffin  Montana State University
1993-95  Carol Scates  New Mexico Highlands University
1994-96  Samuel Schulman  Central Connecticut State University
1995-97  Sally Bishop Shigley  Weber State University
1996-98  Joseph Collentine  Northern Arizona University
1997-99  Anne E. Mullin  Idaho State University
1998-99  Jerry Root  University of Utah
1999-01  Jane Detweiler  University of Nevada, Reno
1999-01  Steve Haslam  Westminster College
2000-02  Aleksandra Gruzinska  Arizona State University
2001-03  Robert M. Hogge  Weber State University
2002-04  Walter Tschacher  University of North Dakota
2003-05  Susan McKay  Weber State University
2004-06  José Suarez  University of Northern Colorado
2005-07  Alan Blackstock  Utah State University, Uintah Basin Branch
2006-08  David Chisholm  University of Arizona
2007-08  Beverly Zimmerman  Brigham Young University
2008-09  Gary Hatch  Brigham Young University
2008-10  Joy Landeira  University of Northern Colorado
2009-11  Tara Powell  University of South Carolina
2010-12  Anthony Cardénas-Rotunno  University of New Mexico
2011-13  Ruben Espinosa  University of Texas, El Paso
2012-14  Jennifer Brady  University of Minnesota, Duluth
2013-15  Ezra Cappell  University of Texas, El Paso
2014-16  Lunden MacDonald  Metropolitan State University of Denver
2015-17 Alan Blackstock Utah State University
2016-18 Joseph Donica Bronx Community College
2017-19 Marla Arbach  Carlton University
Graduate Student Delegates of the RMMLA Executive Board:
1998  Bob Barringer  University of Denver
1999  Erin McConomy  University of Victoria
2000-02  Carolyn Kelly  Iowa State University
2003-05  Tara Powell  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2006-07  Marie Drews  Washington State University
2007-08  Javier Gonzalez  University of Colorado, Boulder
2008-09  Katie Arosteguy  Washington State University
2009-10  Jennifer Brady  University of Colorado, Boulder
2010-11  Glen Southergill  Clemson University
2011-12  Judith Strathearn  University of Colorado
2012-13  Kimberly Madsen  Idaho State University
2013-14  Marla Arbach  University of Santiago de Compostela
2014-15  Shelley McEuen  College of Southern Idaho
2016-17 Cassandra Bishop South Illinois University, Carbondale
2017-18 Adrienne Damiani Meritt University of California, Berkeley