Benefits of RMMLA Membership

Members of RMMLA receive:

  • Member access to the most recent and archived issues of the expanded, online version of the association's scholarly journal, The Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature, as well as online versions of the newsletters, the Call for Papers for the annual convention, membership and registration forms. 
         NB: Effective January 1, 2017: Members must OPT-IN to receive hard-copy print mailings of RMMLA's semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal, The Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature;
  • Eligibility to serve on the Executive Board and vote in Board elections, as well as eligibility to serve on the Editorial Board;
  • The privilege of chairing a session at and/or proposing papers and/or special topic sessions to the annual RMMLA convention;
  • The possibility of publishing articles and/or reviews in the print and electronic versions of The Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature;
  • The opportunity to apply for all RMMLA grants and awards;
An individual listing in the online Member Directory and the ability to post a link to one's personal web site. This directory is only accessible by other current RMMLA members. You may opt out of this directory by choosing the "Hidden Directory Listing" option. IF, however, you are the chair of a session at the RMMLA convention, we will include the contact information that you have given us in our print and online Call for Papers. Please make sure it is what you WANT to appear in the CFP.

Dues must be made current by April 1 to receive the spring mailing of the Rocky Mountain Review and by November 1 to receive the winter issue of the journal. Members who are current in their dues will have year-long access to the online versions of the journal.

Updated February, 2017