Guidelines for Submission

of Articles and Book Reviews


Submission: Manuscripts should be submitted ELECTRONICALLY as an attachment in Microsoft WORD (.doc or .docx, NOT .pdf) to Joy Landeira, Managing Editor, The Rocky Mountain Review, with backup copy to Richard Proctor, Assistant to the Editor, at the following addresses:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Please include your name and phone number in the e-mail. Authors of articles for The Rocky Mountain Review must be members of RMMLA at the time of submission. The author’s name should appear only on the cover letter, not on the copies. The following statement should be included in the cover letter:

“I confirm that this manuscript is not currently being considered by another publisher, nor has it been published elsewhere, under this, or another title.”

Please allow three to four months for a decision on publication.

Format: The journal’s print version and electronic versions publish articles in English and all languages of editorial expertise in the RMMLA. Authors should write in their language of greatest proficiency.

A length of 15 to 25 double-spaced pages, excluding Endnotes and Works Cited sections (minimum 5000 words).

Follow MLA-style guidelines as detailed in MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing, 3rd Edition. New York: Modern Language Association, 2008.

Footnotes are unacceptable. Endnotes are to be inserted mechanically, not created within the program, and precede the Works Cited section.

Abstract: An informative and comprehensive abstract of 50 to 100 words must accompany the manuscript when first submitted. No identifying information may be included on the abstract page.

Documentation: Writers are responsible for checking the accuracy of references and for ensuring that complete information is provided in the Works Cited section for sources referenced in the text.

Figures and Images: It is the author’s responsibility to seek and to obtain written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce any visual or other materials accompanying the manuscript.

Review Process: All articles submitted for consideration, whether they appear in the print or Web version of The Rocky Mountain Review, undergo a scholarly review process. Details about the review process and a list of members of the Editorial Board are included on the website. Manuscripts will not be returned to authors.

Acceptance and Publication: Once a submission is accepted for publication, its author provides the following to the Editor by e-mail to: [email protected] and [email protected]
a clean, fully revised version of the article with mechanical endnotes and list of works cited
a short abstract
a biographical note of approximately 50 words

The article is then copy-edited and prepared for publication. The print journal is published semi-annually, in the spring and fall semesters, and mailed to those who have opted to pay a supplemental print mailing fee. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and are published in the order that they are accepted, as space allows.

Editors bear the final responsibility for the journal, and reserve the right to refuse an article that is excessively tardy or otherwise unsuitable. Manuscripts receiving a “revise and resubmit” recommendation will be kept on file for two years.

Following publication in the print version of The Rocky Mountain Review, authors will receive three complimentary copies of the journal issue featuring their article.

These guidelines for submission of articles are in effect beginning November 1, 2016

Book/Media Reviews:

Submission: Reviews should be submitted ELECTRONICALLY as a Word document (.doc or .docx, NOT .pdf) or Joy Landeira, Managing Editor, [email protected]

Please include your name and phone number in the e-mail. RMMLA membership is required to serve as a book/media reviewer for the journal. Reviews should be submitted within three months of book receipt. All corrections and revisions must be completed by August 31st for the fall issue and December 31st for the spring issue. Editors bear the final responsibility for the journal, and reserve the right to refuse a review that is excessively tardy or otherwise unsuitable.

Format: Reviews should be two to four manuscript pages in length, approximately 800 words, double-spaced, and conform to the latest MLA style. Footnotes are not allowed; endnotes and lengthy quotations should be avoided.