The Keys to a Tech-Problem-Free Presentation

The Presenter’s nightmare: After pouring over obscure manuscripts on fragile velum and surviving countless sleepless nights, the moment comes when you are about to share the fruits of your labor – only to discover you have a MacBook Pro with no connecting cables!

The Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association’s projectors are “Windows Compatible.” The data cords use VGA Cables. The advantage that these cables enjoy is that they haven’t changed in over two decades, broadening the number and variety of peripherals that they can interface with. The disadvantage is they are not Mac/Apple compatible.

Apple computers use HDMI ports. RMMLA does not have HDMI cords for your use. That means if you bring an Apple computer to your session, it’s your responsibility to have your own adapter to interface with the RMMLA projectors. Do not forget about adding software. For example, if your Macbook requires a HDMI-to-VGA adapter, driver software must be uploaded onto your computer before it will work.

The Key to a Problem-Free Presentation is the humble flashdrive. With your PowerPoint loaded onto a flashdrive, all that’s required is a single “Windows Compatible” computer, set up at the beginning of the session, and each speaker trading-out their flashdrives as they take turns presenting. This also saves time because individual computers won’t have to be taken down so that the next speaker’s computer can be setup, plugged-in and re-booted.

Storing your presentation on a Cloud-based data storage such as DropBox , GoogleDocs, or MicrosoftOnline, can be a good way to keep a back-up in case your flashdrive disappears or malfunctions, but due to the uncertainty of WiFi at convention sites, your first tool to choose should be your flashdrive.

Everyone at the Rocky Mountain Modern Languages conference has the same goal: to share and spread information reflecting on our expanding and evolving culture. Bring a flashdrive to ensure eager listeners do not have to wait on your technical difficulties.