Rocky Mountain E-Review 
of Language and Literature

Volume 60, Number 2
FALL 2006


Borges' "The Library of Babel" and Moulthrop's Cybertext "Reagan Library" Revisited

Addendum to Article with updated hyperlink submitted March 13, 2020

Perla Sassón-Henry 
United States Naval Academy

In his short stories "The Garden of Forking Paths" and "The Library of Babel," Jorge Luis Borges anticipates mathematical developments, hypertext, and the Internet well before their advent. By analyzing the tripartite connections among "The Library of Babel," the short cybertext fiction "Reagan Library" by Stuart Moulthrop, and chaos theory, this article sheds new light upon each element of this triad from the perspective of digital technology, and in particular on Borges' work.

Sandra Cisneros and her Trade of the Free Word

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs 
Seattle University

The article exposes the various kinds of unique exchange that occur in a literary borderless novel. Sandra Cisneros' Caramelo appears simultaneously in English and Spanish, pioneering a new kind of Chicana/o literature. After a theorization of the meaning of the rebozo in Caramelo, the popular cultural menu Cisneros exhibits in Caramelo is problematized. The article includes discussion of the innovative contributions to the topic of migration/immigration and the renewed notion of "Aztlán," the mythic homeland, as well as the de-mythification of the traditional view of the grandmother and mother entities previously displayed in Chicano literature.

Modelos Comunicativos para la Enseñanza del Subjuntivo de Español
[Communicative Models to Teach the Spanish Subjunctive]

Vilma Concha-Chiaraviglio 
Meredith College

Unlike English, the Spanish subjunctive is frequently used and is represented by various structures, which makes its learning a very challenging enterprise for native speakers of English. After analyzing the errors that Spanish students make while learning the subjunctive, I created a communicative teaching methodology. It consists of two models: emotional and linguistic. The first one gives students tools that help them learn in a new language system. The second is based on the theories of "Processing Instruction" and "Input Processing" described by VanPatten, Lee and VanPatten, and Wong.


What's In a Name?
Everything, Apparently...

Roger Stritmatter 
Coppin State University


De l'Écriture mystique au féminin, ed. Geneviève James 
Reviewer: Aleksandra Gruzinska

Recent Publications in Oxfordian Studies 
      Great Oxford: Essays on the Life and Work of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, 1550-1604, ed. Richard Malim 
      "Shakespeare" By Another Name, by Mark Anderson 
      The Monument, by Hank Whittemore 

Reviewer: Michael Delahoyde

Approaches to Teaching Shakespeare's Othello, ed. Peter Erickson and Maurice Hunt 
Reviewer: Joanne Craig

Tyranny in Shakespeare, by Mary Ann McGrail 
Reviewer: Kirk G. Rasmussen

Schooling Sex: Libertine Literature and Erotic Education in Italy, France, and England 1534-1685, by James Grantham Turner 
Reviewer: Hannah Lavery

Approaches to Teaching Early Modern Spanish Drama, ed. Laura R. Bass and Margaret R. Greer 
Reviewer: Ana Isabel Carballal

Chinese Fiction of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, by Patrick Hanan 
Reviewer: Géraldine Schneider

Bringing the World Home: Appropriating the West in Late Qing and Early Republican China, by Theodore Huters 
Reviewer: Géraldine Schneider

Kafka: A Biography, by Nicholas Murray 
Reviewer: Susan Nyikos

Hemingway's Laboratory: The Paris in our time, by Milton A. Cohen 
Reviewer: Craig Monk

Passionate Collaborations: Learning to Live with Gertrude Stein, by Karin Cope 
Reviewer: Craig Monk

T.S. Eliot: The Making of an American Poet, 1888-1922, by James E. Miller, Jr. 
Reviewer: Sura P. Rath

Paradoxy of Modernism, by Robert Scholes 
Reviewer: Alan Blackstock

Paradigms of Paranoia: The Culture of Conspiracy in Contemporary American Fiction, by Samuel Chase Coale 
Reviewer: Rosalie Murphy Baum

Goth's Dark Empire, by Carol Siegel 
Reviewer: Michael Kramp

Remapping the Foreign Language Curriculum: An Approach Through Multiple Literacies, by Janet Swaffar and Katherine Arens 
Reviewer: Katherine V. Moskver

The Last of the Celts, by Marcus Tanner 
Reviewer: Joanne Craig