Instructions for Session Chairs:

The 2019 RMMLA Session Chair Input Form is now available. Please read thoroughly before filling out the form.

  1. Do not upload abstracts.
  2. If your session has sufficient papers that require it to split into two (or more) sessions, please email Joy Landeira at [email protected]
  3. Prior to submitting presenter information, please check membership status. All presenters must be current members of RMMLA before they can be listed within a session.
  4. As session chair, first fill out the form to register yourself before adding presenters to your session. Leave the Title field blank if you are the session chair. If you are giving a paper in your own session, register yourself separately and include the title of your paper.
  5. After you fill out the form for yourself, you can click to "register guests." (In this form, the button "register guests" signifies "submit presenter information"). 
  6. If you have questions about the form, do not hesitate to contact Mollie Hand, [email protected].
  7. Please read the Guidelines for Session Chairs for information on how to conduct your session(s).

Click Below to Begin Filling out the 2019 Session Form:

2019 Session Chair Input Form

Once your form is entered, you can check the 2019 Session data which will be updated daily Monday through Friday.

This form will close June 30, 2019. After that any changes to the sessions must be sent via email to [email protected]